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URN status – update request status online. The following guide will let you know how to check aadhar card urn status online. URN – update request number is 14 digits unique number allocated to users who had done an update of their aadhar card.

Check out the step by step information – In case if you have no idea how to make aadhar card correction – check out here aadhar card correction step by step guide.

URN – Update request number, is 14 digit unique number allocated to users whoever update their aadhar card online or aadhar card correction.

Users who have aadhar card which is linked with their mobile number have an access to online aadhar self service update portal, their by users can make aadhar card update online.

Below we do cover the step by step information on how to update your aadhar card online. Do check it out in case if you were unable to update your aadhar card.

How To check URN Status

Here is the step by step process on how to check urn status online.

At first you need to visit the official website link here – https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/web/guest/check-status

  • once you visited the website, this is how the webpage will look alike:

aadhar urn status

Then after enter your details as follows to check urn status online.

  • Aaadhar card number
  • URN number
  • Captch text verification

Click on Get status. Once you click on get status – you will get to know the details of your aadhar card.

  • That’s how you have to check your aadhar card urn status online. You may be encounter two problems in this case.

Your urn number may not been updated:

You will see an error as like ” URN number Invalid “. Don’t panic! This doesn’t mean your urn number is invalid. UIDAI has not yet processed your urn number. Please do wait for a couple of days in order to get it updated by UIDAI at their end.

URN Details Not Found:

URN details not found – Please do enter the right urn number. Check your acknowledgment slip once. In case if the problem repeats do wait for a couple of a days or just contact UIDAI – help@uidai.gov.in

In most of the cases you will get to know whether your aadhar card has been updated or not through URN. If your aadhar card still not updated, then in this case please do visit the nearest official aadhar service center.

Find Enrollment Office Centers Near You To Check URN

UIDAI portal has recently launched a two search portals in order to contact the official aadhar service centers. Here is the step by step process.

Enrollment Search:

Here is the official link to search aadhar service center –https://appointments.uidai.gov.in/centersearch.aspx

Once you visited the webpage you have three ways to search the near by service centers.

  • Pin code
  • State
  • Search Box

For a quick search, we would like to advice you to go for pin code. There by enter your location information as follows:

  • State Name
  • District Name
  • Sub district
  • Village or town or city Name

Then click on search you will get to know the nearest aadhar card service centers.

Contact the nearest service centers and update your aadhar card their by it self.

Make sure if your mobile number is not yet linked with your aadhar card, then please do update your mobile number which will helpful in future to make aadhar corrections as fast as possible.

Update Aadhar Card In Three Ways:

Here is the simple three ways to update your aadhar card online. Now update your aadhar card in three ways. Which we gonna share here check it out.

Through online:

You can update your aadhar card through online, but your mobile number must be linked with aadhar card. There by you can track urn status online.

You will recive an OTP – One time password. This one time password is used for verification process.

Once the OTP is verified, you will access an online update/correction application form.

Now, choose what corrections or updates you wanna change in your aadhar card. Like, Name correction, Address, Date Of Birth, etc.

Make sure to upload the necessary documents as per your update/correction of your aadhar.

  • If you make name correction – Upload POI – Proof of Identity document online followed by DOB, Address.
  • At the end please do note the URN number – UNR number is used to track the status of the application online – URN status online.
  • That’s how you supposed to make updates/correction through online.

Send By Post

If your mobile number is linked with the aadhar card but unable to access the aadhar self service update portal then in this case you can send post to UIDAI.

  • At first download the correction/update request form from here.
  • Once you downloaded the update request form – fill the application form.
  • Now, buy an envelop.
  • On top of the envelop write as ” Aadhar card correction “.
  • Attach the necessary proof documents to it. The procedure is as follows:

Update request application form + Proof + Buy an envelop = Send it to following address.

  • Post Box No 99
  • Banjara Hills
  • Hyderabad – 500034
  • India

Just send your post to above address. Once the details are reached, you will recive a SMS.

  • You can even track the URN status online.

Contact The Aaadhar Office:

Another alterniative option is to contact the nearest aadhar service center.

If your mobile number is not linked with the aadhar card, you can even update your mobile number there by it self.

With the help of the URN number you can track the status of the application through online.

That’s it.

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