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How to find UID and EID number online? you will get to know the complete information on how to find the enrollment Identity number and Unique Identity number.

Most of the users will either lost their UID card or EID number after applying for the aadhar card online – In case if you need to know how to change aadhar address change – check it here.

However, keeping this in mind the UIDAI launches a new self service update portal where users can check their UID number with the help of the mobile number or pin code or date of birth.

What is EID?

If you have no idea what is EID. Then here you are EID is nothing but the Enrollment number. With the help of the Enrollment number, you can track the status of the aadhar card online.

Step By Step Guide To Get UID/EID Number

Here is the process to get the EID number online.

At first, you need to visit the official website which we shared below. Then after followed by:

  • At First Step – 1:

At first step – 1, you need to visit the official website link here:

Then after you need to fill the details as follows:

find uid

The details that you need to fill as follows:

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Mobile Number
  • Security Code

If you want to retrieve the UID: Then at side corner – You need to check ( Aadhar Number ).

Once you entered those details – Your aadhar card will be then displayed on the screen. You can even download the aadhar card online.

Once you have downloaded the aadhar card – The PDF document is locked. In order to open the document, you need to enter your aadhar pin code.

That’s how you gonna find the UID details online. The rest of the information as follows.

  • How To Find EID?

The process of retrieving the EID is same as UID. All you supposed to do is to enter the details as follows:

For EID:

Just click on ” Enrollment Number ( EID ) ” and enter the details as same as like above.

Once you have done a 14 Digit Unique number will be then displayed on the screen. With that 14 digit number, you can track the status of the application online.

Hope you can understand how to find out the UID and EID number online. If you have any doubts then just leave a comment here.

How To Check Aadhar Updated Status

If you made any aadhar card corrections online. Then your application may be subjected to verification. With the help of the aadhar update status, you will get to know whether your updated aadhar card application has been approved or not.

Here is the Link for that: Check Status

Once you visited that website you need to enter the details as like follows:

  • URN Number
  • Aadhar Card Number

What is URN Number?

URN number: Update Request Number is the number that you have been received when you have done any correction changes either online or offline.

It’s 12 digit number. Without URN number you can’t track the update status online.

If more information about the aadhar card stay tuned.

Updated: February 23, 2019 — 4:57 pm
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