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Aadhar Smart card is nothing but the normal Aadhar card which looks like the Debit/Credit card due to its physical appearance. Getting smart aadhar way too easy process which we covered below.

The government released a notice regarding the Aadhar Smart card saying that carrying the Aadhar smart card is not mandatory for all the citizens of India as it has no additional advantages.

It is also like all other Aadhaar cards on which the UID number is printed on it along with all other details that should be on the Aadhar card.

Note: At first, we would like to share Offline Process followed by Online process.

In case if you want to open an official Aadhar Enrollment office, you need to write an Aadhar card exam. Here we cover the details.

Apply Offline – Smart Aadhar

The offline procedure of applying for Aadhar Smart Cards is very much to the below-explained online procedure.

This is for the citizens who have no internet infrastructure services.

The procedure is involved with the applicants visiting the offices in their nearest area. The further process of applying for Aadhar Smart Card offline is explained in below rows.

  • The applicant needs to visit the nearest Aadhar enrollment center.
  • Ask for the Aadhaar Smart card application form.
  • In the application form, fill in all the details with appropriate information.
  • Then the candidates should attach some proof documents to the form.
  • After all this process, submit the form to the officials.

Here is the sample Smart Card, just to let you know how it look alike.

smart aadhar card

Then the corrections application if checked by the authorities and verify all the documents submitted along with the Corrections form.

The proof documents attached and submitted along with the data corrections form should be a scanned copy of an original document.

  • No fake documents are taken during the procedure.

The applicant details are crosschecked with the existing ration card data. If the details are matched then the procedure moves further. If not, the application may get rejected as a result.

Get Online – Step By Step

Any citizen who needs to get an Aadhar smart card has to follow the below steps – In case if you have no idea how to get e aadhar. Here we cover complete guide to eaadhar card download.

  • Visit Official enrollment website online.
  • Then the candidate is redirected to a page with the application form.
  • The candidate has to fill the form details with no mistakes.
  • He/She should be required to give his/her biometric details.
  • Then the OTP will be received by the candidate’s registered mobile number.
  • These cards are instituted with the eKYC service of UIDAI.

Then the submitted details are checked thoroughly by the authorities and Officials of UIDAI. If the details submitted are verified and validated to be correct then it is checked and authenticated.

Then within some days, the Aadhar Smart card is provided and delivered to the applied candidate to his/her registered resident address.

Note: UIDAI clearly states that getting smart UIDAI card is not at all mandatory. It’s there personal interset whether to get it or not. In most of the cases, if you need it. Please do check the guide that we share here.

Offline – Alternative Way

Here we go another alternative method to get smart aadhaar. If you do have e paper aadhar, then visit any nearest official enrollment center.

  • The charge to print your aadhar on smart material is 25/-.
  • It will take no longer than 2 mins to get it.
  • Make sure, put a e paper xeror copy extra.

This could be the best easy method to get it your UIDAI number print on Smart card.

Benefits of Aadhar Smart Card

The benefits of Aadhar Smart Card are limited but are valuable enough to have it in all our pockets. The benefits of having an UID Smart Card are been listed and explained below.

  • Easy to carry in anywhere to anywhere.
  • It is strong when compared to normal Aadhar cards.
  • Durable enough for rough use purposes.
  • It will remain intact over a long period of time.
  • These are Machine-readable cards.
  • They accept the Bar-coding also.
  • Waterproof which is a major benefit of all others.
  • Chances of card spoiling are minimal.
  • The quality increases as it is a card rather than xerox copy.

The following are the benefits of having an Aadhaar Smart card rather than having a normal Aadhar. Even it is an Aadhar Smart card the functionality is not so different from normal one.

The scanned copy of an Original UID serves same as the original Aadhar Card. So having an Aadhar card is up to your own choices and it is not mandatory to have one.

If you do have any doubst relatet to smart UID, then leave a comnnet here.

Updated: February 1, 2018 — 1:28 pm
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